The Fleming Realty Group is a Red Deer and area real estate team of Craig Fleming and Leia MacDonald. We are consistently striving to be the BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Our core values are to provide HONEST, HARDWORKING and INTELLIGENT SERVICE for our clients. Our mission is that our clients will never undersell or overpay, that their interests are protected and that they enjoy the process during every transaction.

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Our FULL EXPOSURE SELLING SYSTEM will establish how to best market your home to maximize its sale price, all while producing a quicker sale.  Then, once the offers roll in, our technical and legal skills will enable us to get the right deal done for you!

Our Current Listing Statistics:


Marketing your home:

We provide an extensive marketing service ensuring your listing is put in front of all prospective buyers.  In addition to having your listing on MLS®, we invest in extra targeted advertising campaigns through online platforms such as: Adwerx Advertisements, Facebook, Instagram and Kijiji.  We ensure that the saleable features of your home are promoted so that you obtain full value for them.  At the time of listing, your property will be shared with all CIR Realty agents thus accessing the buying clientele from the over 700 REALTORS® with CIR.

Elite Photography:

Arguably the most important way to market your home is through photography and staging.  In a market with many competing listings, if your listing photography does not make your home stand out, it will be passed over, losing potential buyers and money.  We use top-quality camera equipment, photography and editing skills to produce what we believe is the TOP PHOTOGRAPHY in the business, making your listing standout amongst the rest.  Below are photos from some of our past listings:

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Pricing Your Home:

Just as important as marketing your home is setting the right price.  Accurately determining a value for your home takes hours of work and must include a home visit.  After the home visit we provide you with a DETAILED PRICING ANALYSIS  that compares your home against past sold listing data and outlines how we came to your home's value.  An all too common industry practice is to under price your home for a quick easy sale.  We believe in never selling our clients short for our own gain.  Our goal is to achieve your home's MAXIMUM VALUE.

More Of What We Do:


never miss buyING system

Our NEVER MISS BUYING SYSTEM ensures that you will never miss out on the right home and that you will not over pay for it.  Then, when you submit an offer, our technical and legal skills will ensure that your interests are protected; allowing you to relax and enjoy the process!

our current buying statistics:


Start Of The Buying Process:

  • We recommend to obtain a pre-qualifying letter from your bank or mortgage broker to help determine a suitable price range for your home search

  • Develop a list of what you want in your future home and of any questions you may have for us




* Listing statistics generated through MLS® CARA data for Red Deer, 2018.

* Buying statistics generated through MLS® CARA data for Red Deer, 2018. The Fleming Realty Group Sale Price / List Price Ratio was 95.9% when representing the buyer. the Red Deer Sale Price / List Price Ratio was 97.1%.